Introduction to BioXmark®

BioXmark® is a liquid fiducial marker with unique features to enhance target visibility on imaging and enable high precision radiation therapy.


See below for a video introduction to BioXmark®, including application and features of the product:

BioXmark® is compatible with both conventional Image-guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) and Proton-Beam Therapy (PBT). As a liquid fiducial marker, the product is a tool that can empower healthcare professionals to continuously improve the treatment of cancer patients.


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BioXmark® has the following main features and benefits:


Customizable implantation

  • The liquid nature of BioXmark® enables implantation of multiple size-adaptable markers in the same procedure
  • BioXmark® can be implanted with standard equipment, including thin needles (≥ 25G) and flexible scopes – guided visually, by fluoroscopy and/or ultrasound with a low risk of complications

Positional stability and visibility

  • After implantation of BioXmark®, sticky and soft markers are formed in vivo, adaptive to the surrounding tissue
  • BioXmark® contains a proprietary iodine-based contrast agent to ensure marker visibility on relevant imaging modalities, including X-ray (2D X-ray, fluoroscopy, CT and CBCT), ultrasound and MRI
  • BioXmark® markers are positionally stable and visible during treatment planning, treatment and follow-up

Photon and proton radiation compatibility

  • BioXmark® markers are non-metallic and have a low level of artifacts, supporting precise treatment planning and image guided treatment
  • The low level of artifacts and visibility on CT and MRI facilitates fusion of CT and MRI for better treat-ment planning
  • BioXmark® has low dose perturbation and is compatible with proton therapy

BioXmark® white papers

Discover BioXmark® advantages, workflow benefits and clinical evidence in specific cancer types: