Pipeline & Technology

Portfolio and pipeline

Nanovi’s liquid fiducial markers can be injected percutaneously or with the assistance of endoscopes


The markers represent multimodal imaging properties to guide both radiation therapy and surgery

Nanovi has two commercially available liquid fiducial markers :

BioXmark®  is available in Europe to radiographically mark soft tissue and guide high precision radiation therapy.
PetXmark™ for veterinary use is available in the United States to radiographically mark subcutaneous tissue in dogs and cats for high precision radiation therapy.


The pipeline comprises novel liquid markers and other liquid medical devices, all in early development or research phase intended to meet unmet needs in radiation therapy and surgery.

Technology platform and Intellectual Property

Nanovi’s products stem from a patent-protected technology platform that is co-invented and co-owned with the Technical University of Denmark – DTU. Thomas L. Andresen, professor at DTU Health Tech, Nanovi founder and board member, is the main inventor of the technology.


See Thomas L. Andresen presenting in an interview, the background for the technology and its unique features:



The platform consists of carbohydrate based and multi-functional biomaterial compositions to design and synthesize liquid medical devices that can bridge advanced diagnostic imaging techniques and therapeutic inventions. The liquid feature of the devices allows for simple non-invasive implantation, and their ability to change viscosity upon implantation provides for positionally stable multimodality visualization of targets and effective guidance of high precision radiation therapy and surgical procedures.

Under a framework license and option agreement with DTU, Nanovi has global development and commercial rights to the platform and a first-right of refusal to related medical device inventions for use in the fields of radiation therapy and surgery.

Nanovi has co-ownership and global commercial rights to a patent-protected biomaterial technology platform for medical device inventions in the fields of radiotherapy and surgery.

Nanovi’s technology platform and products are protected by a strong patent portfolio comprising six international families of issued patents and patent applications.

Overview of Nanovi patents


Gel formulations for guiding radiotherapy


Palpaple marker composition