Cancer types

Find out more about the benefits and clinical advantages of BioXmark in different cancer types

Enabling higher precision for better outcomes in cancer therapy

Our focus is to provide tools for accurate target marking to enable high-precision, high-value radiation therapy while managing risks and reducing costs.

We are committed to enabling organ preserving approaches across multiple cancer types.

Currently, organ preservation versus organ removing radical surgery is a highly discussed topic: Is organ-preserving treatment effective? Do patients really need to lose their bladder or rectum due to localized cancer? What are the options for patients not willing to sacrifice their quality of life?

Chemoradiotherapy/radiotherapy alone or in combination with conservative surgery, i.e. most organ-preserving surgery, are becoming accepted as viable treatment options with good long-term outcomes. Multidisciplinary management of many cancers is now the rule, and many trials are ongoing with the prime aim to maintain excellent cancer control or eradication with maximal conservation of normal functions.

High dose radiation exposure is known to be beneficial in many localized cancers but carries a risk of increased damage to normal tissue and radiotherapy related toxicity. In order to increase precision of the treatment, image-guided radiation therapy aided by fiducial markers, i.e. radiopaque markers, has become a major benefit by sparing uninvolved organs and so facilitating increased tumor radiation dose.

Our liquid fiducial marker BioXmark® was specifically designed to enable high-precision and high-value radiotherapy in soft tissue cancers, having shown high visibility across imaging modalities.


Discover BioXmark® advantages and clinical evidence in specific cancer types: