Nanovi secures DKK 15 million in funding from new and existing life science investors

12 June 2018

Nanovi has successfully closed a private equity capital round to fund the company’s continued development towards commercialization and becoming a full scale sustainable medical technology company. A total of DKK 15 million has been raised from new and existing investors, significantly expanding the company’s shareholder base. The new investors also represent a wealth of business experience and understanding from the life science sector, which can add value to Nanovi.

Jesper Boysen, CEO of the company said: “The closing of this capital round is a key milestone for Nanovi. We now have sufficient funding to prepare the market introduction of BioXmark in Europe, start the regulatory process for the product in the US and advance the development of other products in our pipeline. Also, I am impressed with the quality of investors, we have been able to attract, which I consider as a strong validation of our company and business potential.

Nanovi’s first product, BioXmark, is expected to be CE marked before the end of 2018 as an innovative liquid soft tissue marker to guide radiotherapy of cancers. The next product in line is PalpMark, another liquid soft tissue marker, allowing visual identification due to color, to guide radiotherapy and/or surgery.