Features & benefits

The main features of PetXmarkTM are:

• Liquid
• Highly viscous gel-like marker upon injection
• Patented iodine compound
• Non metallic

Feature: Liquid

  • Advantages:
  • Injectable with standard equipment – syringes and needles
  • One injection enables placement of multiple fiducial markers
  • Placement of multiple markers without re-loading
  • Custom marker sizing
  • Injectable with thin needles up to 25G

Feature: Highly viscous gel-like marker upon injection

  • Advantage:
  • Positional stability during the planning and treatment phases

Feature: Iodine based compound

  • Advantage:
  • Visibility on X-ray (kV, CT, CBCT, Fluoroscopy)

Feature: Non metallic

  • Advantages:
  • Low dose perturbation in proton therapy
  • Low level of artifacts