Corporate profile

Our dedication is target precision in cancer therapy

For the benefit of patients and societies

Nanovi A/S (Nanovi) is a Danish medical device company specialized in precision marking for better cancer therapy. Our corporate dedication is to empower healthcare professionals with the best possible tools to support the delivery of high precision radiation therapy and surgery for the benefit of cancer patients and efficiency in healthcare.

We have a portfolio of unique in-house developed liquid fiducial markers for both human and veterinary use. Our first product for human use, BioXmark® is developed to enhance target visibility on medical imaging and enable high precision radiation therapy, including proton therapy.

BioXmark® is a liquid fiducial marker that enables high precision IGRT and our lead product for human use. It can be injected via thin needles and changes viscosity after injection to form a highly viscous marker with high positional stability, BioXmark® is visible on all image modalities used in the IGRT planning and treatment phases including X-ray (kV, CT, CBCT, Flouroscopy) MRI and US.

PetXmark™ is a liquid fiducial marker for use to radiographically mark subcutaneous tissue in dogs and cats and our first veterinary product. PetXmark™ has been evaluated in a clinical trial for use to guide radiotherapy of skin and subcutaneous tumors and is commercialized in the US.

Nanovi’s products are derived from a patented biomaterial platform, co-invented with the Department of Health Technology at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU.

Corporate offices are located in Kgs. Lyngby, north of Copenhagen.