The liquid fiducial marker

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Nanovi A/S is a medical device company specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative liquid fiducial markers. Our corporate commitment is to enable high-precision cancer treatments for better outcomes and higher quality of life for patients and to make healthcare more cost-efficient on a global scale.


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”I founded Nanovi on a vision. A vision of substantially improving the treatment of cancer patients receiving radiation therapy or surgery by increasing procedure precision. In both fields, technology advancements over past decades have revolutionized image-guided procedures for better therapeutic outcome. However, to leverage the full potential of image-guided therapy there is a need for high-value fiducial markers to enable optimal tumor visualization. Building on my expertise in biomaterial compositions for medical applications, we invented a technology platform for the development of novel liquid fiducial markers with unique features for precise target marking to enable high-precision radiotherapy and surgery across cancer indications.”

Thomas L. Andresen