The liquid fiducial marker
for high precision in radiation therapy

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Indicated for use to radiographically mark subcutaneous tissue in dogs and cats.

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Introducing BioXmark

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“Compared to a solid gold marker, they [BioXmark® markers] had favorable results in both visibility and induced imaging artifacts [in MRI and CT]. Hence, the liquid marker provides a minimally
invasive (fine needles) and highly applicable alternative to current solid gold markers for multi-modal image-guided prostate radiotherapy.”

Dr. Tom Depuydt, PhD, Head of Medical Physics, UZ Leuven.De Roover R et al. Characterization of a novel liquid fiducial marker for multimodal image guidance in stereotactic body radiotherapy of prostate cancer. Medical Physics. 2018 May;45(5):2205-2217.

“BioXmark® introduced a smaller dose perturbation compared to solid fiducial markers investigated…”

Prof. Dr. Tony Lomax, Chief Medical Physicist, The Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland. Scherman RJ et al. Liquid fiducial marker applicability in proton therapy of locally advanced lung cancer. Radiotherapy and Oncology. 2017 Mar;122(3):393-399.

Nanovi A/S is a medical device company specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative liquid fiducial markers. Our corporate commitment is to enable high-precision cancer treatments for better outcomes and higher quality of life for patients and to make healthcare more cost-efficient on a global scale.

About Nanovi

Fiducial markers with unique features for precise target marking to enable high-precision radiotherapy

”I founded Nanovi on a vision. A vision of substantially improving the treatment of cancer patients receiving radiation therapy or surgery by increasing procedure precision. In both fields, technology advancements over past decades have revolutionized image-guided procedures for better therapeutic outcome. However, to leverage the full potential of image-guided therapy there is a need for high-value fiducial markers to enable optimal tumor visualization. Building on my expertise in biomaterial compositions for medical applications, we invented a technology platform for the development of novel liquid fiducial markers with unique features for precise target marking to enable high-precision radiotherapy and surgery across cancer indications.”

Thomas L. Andresen, Founder

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Building on a patented biomaterial platform

BioXmark® and PetXmark™ are co-invented with the Department of Health Technology at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Nanovi’s offices are located at the DTU Science Park.

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